Roster Management
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EAA's Chapter Roster Management is a free application for EAA Chapters to better manage their roster of members and guests.

Goal: Make it easier for you to run your chapter
Benefits of this application:
  • One source of "truth"
  • Accessible by those who need it, when they need it
  • Get to know your members
  • Help your new members get to know you
  • To let you know who of your members are EAA international members
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EAA Member Maintenance

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Each column is sortable. Click on the header links to sort the records displayed by that column.

Policy for individual records:
We will not do anything with data for people with a Member Type of "Prospect" or "Non-Member"
For your people with a Member Type classification of Regular, Family, Lifetime, Honorary, or Student: We will occasionally do a compare with our membership data and let you know which of your members are not current EAA International members.